We have developed a superb range of greenhouses and growing products exclusive to Sproutwell™ Greenhouses. We offer quality, simplicity, practicality and overall value for money for any aspiring gardener. If you’re a beginner, enthusiast or professional, there is a greenhouse within our range to suit every backyard.

Sproutwell™ Greenhouses are made from high quality materials, specially designed structures, and offer assembly systems that give Sproutwell™ Greenhouses huge beneficial differences over other greenhouses on the market today.

So, you've made the decision to buy a greenhouse. Fantastic and congratulations! You're about to join a wonderfully enthusiastic group of Australians greenhouse hobbyists who truly enjoy their greenhouse gardening. As you begin to investigate your purchase, you'll find after researching all of the options Sproutwell Greenhouses are by far the most competitively priced for the design and structure we offer.  

A greenhouse can be a large investment so we recommend you gather lots of information about greenhouses and the additional equipment required to maintain a healthy growing environment. You’re best to consider not only your present needs but your future needs also, as careful planning will save lots of time and some additional expenses in the future.

In the meantime we're very pleased to share with you our expertise as you do your research.  We suggest you read through the helpful information found on our website as you evaluate your greenhouse needs and determine the best greenhouse style, site, covering material and supporting equipment.
Please don't be afraid to ask us questions (vis contact us link).  Your greenhouse purchase is important, and we want to ensure that you are completely comfortable with your purchase!


It is our opinion, and this is an opinion shared throughout the Greenhouse industry worldwide, that aluminium frame greenhouses are best suited for a long term installation and are designed to accommodate a variety of glazing materials including glass and polycarbonate.

Aluminium frames are maintenance-free and will generally last a lifetime, making them ideally suited for greenhouse use. Wooden frames are not maintenance-free and do not have as long a life span as aluminium frames.
Not all greenhouse frames are built the same so you'll want to be sure you select one that has been engineered to provide adequate structural strength. A quality greenhouse designed with the highest structural frame strength will include the following features.

• Withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds

• Provide the required structural support for hanging baskets, grow lights, cooling and ventilation equipment and sidewall shelving.

• An extensive selection of sizes and styles available. Costs or actual available space may dictate the size of a greenhouse suited to your garden.

• Flexibility regarding the potential to extend your Greenhouse size in the future should you have the space to do so.

IMPORTANT: The only downside to some polycarbonate greenhouses is that because polycarbonate is so light it can be blown out by high winds. This is especially the case with cheap polycarbonate greenhouses that use shallow 8mm-10mm channels and glazing clips to hold the polycarbonate in place.

• Unfortunately there is still the perception that because most residential Greenhouses look the same in photos then they must all have the same or similar construction. This is not the case and many have purchased and regretted investing in a cheaper model as they’ve either blown away, fallen over, been damaged in the first gust of wind or are replacing the polycarbonate after 12-18mths.

• If the channels of the aluminium uprights are anything less than 12mm and do not sit tight in frame then there is a high chance that if wind gets into the Greenhouse it will put pressure on the frame and panels will pop out of its channel.

• Our Garden Pro, Prestige & Lean To Greenhouses use a different glazing system where the polycarbonate sits tightly within the 14mm channel due to our exclusive ‘slide & lock’ design holding the panels nice and firm in windy conditions. Our Imperial & Architectural Range on the other hand use the most up to date 'strip-locking' system using full aluminium bar capping.

Ultimately our Garden Pro/Prestige/Grange & Architectural designs are far more wind resistant than any other Greenhouse that relies on the use of silicon/adhesives. Any Greenhouse that requires silicon and cheap secondary components to become more wind resistant means that the primary design is inadequate

• The framing, polycarbonate, components and design are no more superior just because you’re paying 20% more. It is also concerning when we’re seeing the widths and lengths of the Greenhouses being extended past 3m widths and 8m lengths. They are constructed with the standard ‘T Piece’ 1.6mm profile  (as seen in our Garden Pro & LeanTo Greenhouses). Yes you can add additional bracing but reality is the frame itself is no better or larger to cope with the additional span- Very Concerning!

We are renowned for true innovation but we are the first Australian Company, to introduce the first commercial grade residential backyard Greenhouse. We have also pioneered the new ‘slide & lock’ insertion system. You can be assured when buying from Sproutwell Greenhouses you're purchasing products that are 'made from high quality components, easy to install, latest design features & most importantly- The most competitively priced!

Our Range of Greenhouses is not like others found on the Internet.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us by emailing via info@sproutwellgreenhouses.com.au or call 1300 657 174 anytime!